List of armors
Worn Leather5
Leather armor11
Studded leather15
Scale mail20
Ring Mail25
Elven Ring Mail27
Plate Mail30
Full Plate35
Dwarven Plate Mail37
Small Wooden Shield3
Small Iron Shield4
Round Shield5
Large Shield6
The black angel6
Tower Shield7
Padded Helm1
Leather Helm2
Elf Forest Cap2
Studded Leather Helm3
Scale Helm4
Dwarven Scale Helm5
Chain Helm6
Elven Chain Helm7
Half Plate Helm8
Full Plate Helm9
Dwarven Full Helm10
Cloth Gloves1
Warn Leather Gloves2
Leather Gloves3
Elf Leather Gloves4
Scale Gloves5
Dwarven Scale Gloves6
Chain Gloves7
Elven Chain Gloves8
Plate Gloves9
Dwarven Plate Gloves10
Cloth Boots1  
Worn Leather boots2  
Leather Boots3  
Elven Leather Boots4  
Scale Boots5  
Dwarven Scale Boots6  
Chain Boots7  
Elven Chain Boots8  
Plate Boots9  
Dwarven Plate Boots10