List of unique items
NameTypeMin-Max DamageArmor classSpecial effectOwnerDescription
The scissorWeapon5-10svenAn weapon with a very shining blade. Seems it was forged in far land of Tyumuk
Sword of YhallerWeapon4-8Attack +1DurinThis was the weapon of hero Yaller. It gives a bonus when attack
Serpent longswordWeapon4-6venom +1No-oneThe blade of this sword is made by magic using venoms
Axe of TrollsWeapon3-6Attack +1No-oneThis axe is a large two handed axe that affect the owner giving him more accuracy while attacking.
Gladiator maskHelm-4Attack +1No-one
Assassin hoodHelm-3hide +1No-oneThis hood give his owner more chances to hide in the shadows. Very useful while ambush an enemy.
Fangs helmHelm-8dexterity +1No-oneIt was told this helm was able to give his owner the dexterity of a wild animal.
Horned helmHelm-5attack +1No-oneThis helm create fear in your opponent rising your attack ability
Horned maskHelm-4attack +2No-oneThis mask allow you to attack more fiercly your opponent
Leaf maskHelm-4mana +1No-oneThis mask rise your mana level
The iron handsGloves-7defence +1No-one
Blood glovesGloves-4Attack +1No-oneThis gloves gives a blood thirsth to its owner and a bonus while attacking.
Mummy glovesGloves-4undeads +1No-oneThis gloves rise your ability of turn undeads
Spiked wristguardGloves-4defence +1No-oneThis wristguards rise your defence ability
Green cloak of protectionArmor-3Armor +10No-one
Brigandine of defenceArmor-3Defence +1No-oneThis kind of armor was made for the personal guards of count of Bastrallion, it gives a bonus while defending.
Golden cuirassArmor-30defence +1No-oneAn ancient armor that improve your defence
Lizard armorArmor-25hide +2No-oneImprove your hide in shadow ability
Lion armorArmor-30strenght +2No-oneThis armor rise your strenght
Lemanghan plateArmor-35protect fireNo-oneThis armor protecf from fire damage
Elyr's BootsBoots-5Defence +1No-one
Boots of speedBoots-5dexterity +1No-oneThis boots seems to be ones of a famous thief, seems they give a bonus on dexterity.
Forest bootsBoots-4wilderness +1No-oneThis boots rise your wilderness knowledge ability
Rhodonite ringRing-fire -1No-one
Skull necklaceNecklace-undeads +1No-oneThis necklace rise your turn undead ability
Spider necklaceNecklace-venom -1No-oneThis necklace rise your resistence to venoms
Orc furyShield-6Force +1No-one
Shield of ArmadilloShield-5Defence +1No-oneA very resistent shield, someone tells that it was forged using magic.
Verecos shieldShield-6venom -1No-oneAn holy shield
Shield of ShaneaShield-4dispell 2No-oneAn holy shield
Burning rose shieldShield-5protect fireNo-oneThis shield is a powerful item that protect against every fire damage
The pentacleShield-5cursedNo-oneAn object with misterious and unknown properties
The dragon wingShield-6dexterity 1No-oneThis shield give the owner more speed in fightings