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We are two professional translators with more than ten years experience, mostly specialized in the technological and legal sectors, although we do not disregard other fields of intervention.

As you can see by browsing our CVs, we have made and we make translations for very important international companies in various Countries all over the world (USA, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Holland, etc.).

Our strong point is represented by professionalism in the execution and punctuality in the delivery of the works.

Tired of working for agencies that take a good deal of our earnings and all the merit of our work, we have decided to address directly the final customer with two purposes: to increase our revenue (how could it be different?) and enable the final customer to save a significant amount of money by going directly to the source with no intermediations.

This is possible thanks to the fact that, being our office a “virtual office” with HQ in Malta, we have no high overheads and tax expenses that inevitably affect the final price; therefore, we are in the position to offer highly competitive rates, reducing the production chain to two entries only: producer and consumer.