Personal informations


Curriculum vitae


Marco Imbriani

c/o Joseph Gauci

32B South Street

Valletta VLT13


Cell. Italia: +39 333 971 6966

Cell. Malta: + 356 790 16 150


VAT Reg. N° MT19264734

Education History and Qualifications

Licenzia Media, c/o Intermediate School Vittorio Bottego, Milan, Italy, 1973.

Licenza Scuola Media Superiore (High School Diploma), c/o Liceo Scientifico “Elio Vittorini”, Milan, Italy, 1978.

Proficiency Certificate in English, c/o the British Institute

1978-1980, Statale University of Milan, Faculty of Philosophy.

Spoken and written languages: Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Translator and tour guide experience

In Italy, from 1987 to 1990, I worked as a guide and interpreter for foreign visitors at the Alfa Romeo manufacturing plant in Arese and the Alfa Romeo testing track in Balocco. I collaborated with the Word Lab Translation Agency in Milan and with various firms of the Milan industrial belt as a freelance translator for technical and scientific translations.

In New Zealand, I worked in the restaurant business (co-owner and manager), I worked for Perfect Espresso Ltd (Illycaffé) and then I worked as a Tour Leader of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese tourist groups and Tour Instructor for Travel Arrangements (now Pacific Destinations), the biggest inbound Tour Operator in the country.

At the end of 2001, I returned to Italy and, from June 2002, I have been working as a translator for the following companies: Nuovo Pignone, Oto Melara, Enelpower, Findomestic, CERMET, Stone One, Switch, Stocco, (Italy), General Electric, Lilly Elanco, Fisher Co., Wayne Dresser (US), Petrobras (Brazil), Enagas, Endesa (Spain), Royal Lagoon (Ukraine), Pemex (Mexico). I have also translated art books and I work occasionally as a language consultant for The Florence University.

Software used:

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0

  • ADSL Connection

  • OmniPage Pro 12.0


IT – EN and vice versa








Overseas stays

From 1982 to 2001, I visited and lived in the following countries: Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, US, Australia, Tonga, Japan, New Zealand.

Francesca Nustrini

Born in Florence, Italy, on January 1st 1966

Resident in Auckland, New Zealand from 11th October 1982

Now living in Italy, since June 3, 2001



Residential address: Via di Volognano, 29/a - 50067 Rignano sull’Arno (Florence)

Phone: mob. 338 6703179



Education History and Qualifications:


Licenzia Media, Scuola Media Giosuè Carducci, Florence, Italy, 1979.

Attended and completed 1st, 2nd and 3rd years at Ginnasio Liceo Classico Michelangiolo, Florence, Italy, 1982.

New Zealand University Entrance (Accredited), Henderson High School, 1983.

Golden Receptionist Certificate, Auckland Technology Institute, 1984.

Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Spanish and Russian, University of Auckland, 1988.

C.O.P. Italian stage III, University of Auckland, 1990, and stage IV, 1991.

Certificato di Frequenza to the Corso di Glottodidattica run by Dr. Mario Salvaderi at Centro Koinè, 2001.

Diploma, Sommelier level III, Associazione Il Santuccio, Florence, Italy, 2004.

Diploma, Master Taster of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Associazione Il Santuccio, Florence, Italy, 2009.

Other languages:

-English-Italian: bilingual.

-Swedish: completed stage I at University of Auckland, 1986.

-French: 5 yrs in Italian schools + 1 yr in New Zealand at 7th form level. Good knowledge of both spoken and written language.

Translator and interpreter experience:

2001 – 2009

Since my return to Italy, I have been collaborating with several translation agencies, such as:

  • Lo Scrittoio sas, Viale Sardegna 34, 20146 Milan, ph. 02 4983111

  • ISSELNORD srl, La Spezia, Via delle Pianazze, 74, 19136 La Spezia, ph. 0187 941414 (6 lines ISDN r.a.) Fax 0187 983035

  • Live Institute s.n.c., Viale Belfiore, 9, 50144 Florence

  • Interactive Training Center, Corso Re Umberto, 79, 10128,Turin

  • Interpres s.a.s., Via Aliprandi, 32, 20034, Giussano, Milan

Among the main clients:

  • General Electric Oil & Gas

  • GE Transportation

  • Nuovo Pignone

  • Enel

  • Regione Toscana

  • Provincia di Firenze

  • Lilly Elanco

for the translation of technical manuals and other documents of a commercial, legal, administration and medical nature, having passed their tests in the following languages: Italian/English, English/Italian, Spanish/Italian, Spanish/English, French/Italian, French/English, Russian/Italian, Russian/English.

Also, I have worked as interpreter (consecutive and chuchotage) for General Electric, Nuovo Pignone, Global Transportation (of the same group) and for the Province of Florence and the Council of Europe.

1985 – 2000

Italian/English – English/Italian

I have worked as a freelance interpreter/translator both privately and for several translation agencies (University Translation Services, European Translation Services, Language Links, Pacific International Translations, Communication International) covering numerous different topics (Agriculture, Chemistry, Engineering, Food, Internet Communication, Legal, Marketing, Medical Research, Pharmacology, Sport, Tourism).

I have also worked as an interpreter in a court of law on various occasions.

Spanish/English – English/Spanish

Amongst other jobs for the above-mentioned agencies, I have worked as a translator and interpreter for a Barrister in Auckland both translating legal documents and appearing in court as the interpreter during the course of a whole trial in 1992.

Teaching experience:

2001 - 2005

Societá Dante Alighieri, Comitato di Firenze, Via Gino Caponi 4

Italian Language for Foreigners:

July - Italian Language Course for Beginners

August – Italian Language Course for Intermediate 2

Centro Koiné, Via de’ Pandolfini, Firenze

Individual lessons of Italian language for foreigners at different levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced.


St. Heliers Community Centre

Italian Language Course for Beginners

Italian Language Course for Intermediate

1996 - 1998

During this time, in order to teach my private students, and not being satisfied with the textbooks available, I have written my own Italian Grammar book, covering most aspects of Italian grammar and basic syntax including the use of the conditional and subjunctive moods, and complete with exercises. I have successfully used it as our textbook with the intermediate level students at St. Heliers Community Centre in 1999.


Private tuition of Italian language for opera singers. Lessons including both basic grammar and understanding, and more importantly pronunciation.

Private tuition of Italian language. Lessons dealing with both grammar knowledge and conversation;


Manukau Polytechnic

Running Italian Beginners course

1986 - 1992

Part time tutor in the Italian Section, Romance Languages Department, University of Auckland.

Duties including:

Conversation Classes for Italian Stage I and III and Master students;

Language Laboratories for Italian Stage I;

Grammar Remedial lessons for Stage I students;

Correction of Stage I homework.

Tourist guide experience:

1985 – 1990

I have worked for Atlantic and Pacific Travel and subsequently for Thomas Cook Travel performing mainly airport pick-ups but also occasionally touring the North Island with small groups. Languages used for jobs: Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

2001 – 2006

Free lance wine tour guiding for Vinarium Travelling Agency, based in Florence, which involved taking groups of English speaking tourists to visit wineries throughout Tuscany.

Computer programs used:

  • Microsoft Office Suite 2003

  • Open Office

  • Acrobat 8.0

  • ADSL Connection